The HatchWorks Transformation Platform

We create bespoke software solutions to launch new products, provide powerful data insights, and redefine customer experiences. The HatchWorks Transformation Platform drives rapid ideation, data-driven decision-making, and defined outcomes. We blend best-of-breed methodologies to achieve successful deployments across hundreds of engagements.

The Platform

We offer Hatch as a Service (HaaS) and Works as a Service (WaaS) to provide complete solutions across the full product lifecycle.


Discover together the right product vision and roadmap to clearly deliver transformation and business outcomes

Business Understanding

Defining the opportunity or challenge we trying to solve along with the rationale is key

Organizational Assessment

Let’s review and assess current operations for the optimal change management process

Infrastructure Assessment

We evaluate current state infrastructure to understand your technical opportunities

Whiteboarding Sessions

Strategic brainstorming and visual representations lead to successful, long-term product strategy

Product Vision Alignment

We document your vision and work to establish a high-level strategy and components

Market Research

We research your market and conduct in-depth user interviews

Competitive Analysis

We research your competitive landscape and key players in your industry


Design a people-centered end to end solution that generates alignment before development

Product Discovery

Evaluate and define product functionality to ensure alignment with business objectives

Requirements Definition

Drive detailed requirements by asking the right questions based on deep expertise

Change Assessment

Evaluate the current state design for UX and UI improvements to drive desired behavior

Roadmap Development

Ensure your product delivers on company objectives with a long-term strategy and vision

Architecture Design

Design the end to end technical architecture using best in place principles and methods

User Experience Design

People-centered research and design ensure the best possible solution experience

Rapid Solution Prototyping

Rapidly develop a visual model of your product to foster alignment


We develop with speed and efficiency blending Agile and Lean to rapidly deliver your solution

Software Development

Both on-shore and near-shore capabilities with teams averaging 10+ years experience

Quality Assurance Testing

Critical to building good software is making sure it’s thoroughly tested

Application Training

Experience and continued education in application design and development is key to building modern, efficient products

Product Refinement

We commit to multiple rounds of feedback and iterations to deliver exactly what you expect from your product

Cloud Enablement

We tackle cloud migration to enable speed, efficiency and reduce latency

DevOps Automation

We provide flexible cloud AWS infrastructure with fully automated code deployments

Agile Product Delivery

Iterative incremental delivery ensures visibility into consistent product updates


We run so you can focus on your business with our all-in-one application hosting, management, and support

Cloud Hosting & Security

Keep your cloud application’s data private, secure and 100% regulatory compliant

Infrastructure Management

Reduce administrative burden with reliable cloud hosting, monitoring, and optimization

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Mitigate risk and reduce downtime to keep your operation running smooth after unexpected interruptions

Product Management

We manage your products in the cloud for performance, optimization, and monitoring

Application Management

We manage your application in the cloud for performance, optimization, and monitoring

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

We work with you to manage SLAs for end-to-end product support

Service Desk (Tier 1 / 2 / 3)

Provide desired level of application support from Tier 1 to Tier 3


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